Thursday, August 27, 2009

Charlie is one!Life is busy!

It has been so long since my last post.Everything conspires against me and it just gets too hard to post on my blog.

On Sunday Charlie turned 1.On Saturday, as I drove home from town (one of the only places I get to think without interruption),I felt quite tearful,looking back on the past year.It has been wonderful.Charlie has brought so much love and joy into our family,and that first year is so full of wonder.He has changed and grown so much, I think we all have!

Part of my reflection has involved thinking about what it means to have a "large" family of five children. Yes, it is busy, but not hysterically so.I know many many people comment on how it must be "mad" and "exhausting", but really, it isn't. Some days are a bit crazy, but isn't that sometimes the way with one or two children?

I suppose it helps that my children are spread out, the older ones are a great help, but they all have their issues,needs and desires. I suppose I try not to do too much, try hard to balance things so that the priorities are things like health and happiness: e.g, it is a priority to make sure we have a healthy balanced meal almost every day. I can't remember the last time we had take-away food. Wait, actually, we did when we were on holiday in Broome(which by the way, was a wonderful holiday). My next priority is usually to make our main living/dining space as clutter free as possible,tidy and clean (though the floor could use a wash).I also try to rest every afternoon while Charlie sleeps.

That's about all I can do to be organised whilst everything else is going on around me.I also fit in the laundry, try to take a daily walk with Charlie, get out into the garden when the weather is fine and talk to each of the kids about their day.

It's true I don't have much time for myself.I hardly ever get to yoga class any more, wish I could knit without Charlie tangling up my wool, have forgotten what the sewing machine looks like, but I am really happy.

Sometimes it can all be a bit overwhelming, things can and do get on top of me, but I don't find family life too demanding,nor "mad". One thing I have learned over the years of parenthood is that it is easier and more peaceful to just let things go, relax, enjoy, because there will always be another opportunity to wash the floor, but Charlie will never be this little again.

Having a large family does involve sacrifice, having a small family does too, but in the scheme of things, when I look back on my life, if I make to the "twilight years", I will never regret having children, how could I? Travel to exotic locales is wonderful, but I'd not trade it for any one of my children! And the same goes for material things.They are nice, but you can't take them with you can you.

Enough philosophising...

Something new for me : I have a part time job.I tutor for 4 hours a week, in two sessions of 2 hours, after school hours, so Mike can have Charlie. It is great .I really enjoy it and although it means I need to be quite organised, it is a nice way to do a bit of work without impacting on the family too much.

Charlie is calling...