Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday Sewing an Mum's Day

On Saturday I was able to get some sewing done.Yay! I had received a new book on Friday,The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule (you'll see her blog on my reading list,and you can purchase the book from her), and she was saying how important (to her) it was to have some creativity everyday. Well, I realise it is pretty important to me too, because if I can't do something creative,I do feel frustrated, and when you add that to no enough sleep, I can feel unhappy.

So,I decided to try harder to fit in some creative time, and did manage it. You'll see Charlie wearing a little grey vest - I have been trying to make this one for some time - I felted an old vest of Michael's, and it worked out so well.It will certainly keep Charlie warm.
I also got to play with some of the beautiful fabrics I bought from Fabricworm,on the website Etsy (which sells hand crafted wares as well as supplies).It is such a pleasure to sew beautiful fabrics. I made a skirt for Freya using the Anna Maria Horner fabrics, and a headband for Lily.

I also made this "holdall" and plastic bag holder, for the side of the change table.It is great,it keeps everything close,just where I can easily reach.The lovely fabric is another Anna Maria Horner fabric, so pretty.
I must say I felt really satisfied after the sewing session. Which led onto a wonderful Mother's day on Sunday. Just briefly, this is what contributed to a wonderful day:
  • A sleep in
  • Breakfast in bed courtesy of Freya
  • Three new Pandora beads for my bracelet (Oooh!)
  • No chores ALL day
  • A session in the garden,planting out
  • Lunch at the beautiful peaceful farm with Michael's parents
  • Michael cooked a yummy stir fry dinner

It was just lovely having the day with my children and husband.I am blessed.


  1. I love that changing table pocket thing. What a great idea! Your blog is so sweet.

  2. Thankyou Emily!It is so nice to have someone read my blog.How exciting!

  3. Angie,

    Those are so darn cute,your so talented.