Saturday, October 24, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Spring is here and the garden is blooming.It is lovely to see all the flanders poppies waving their little red heads around. Charlie and I are spending many hours outside, enjoying the sunshine and a chance to pull up the multiplying weeds. They are trying to take over the vegetable patch, but I am fighting back! There's still more to do, but I am more than happy to spend time outside, especially now that Charlie is into typical toddler mode.

Charlie is toddling and running everywhere.Not only that, he is an adventurous little soul, who loves nothing better than to scale any piece of furniture that might bring him closer to the item he most desires. This is usually a computer,sewing machine,telephone, or the piece de resistance: the television remote. I think if anyone in this family is going to take up mountain climbing, it will be Charlie.He is very canny and quite skilled.It is worrying! So, whenever I can, I take him outside to explore the great outdoors: so far, not too much climbing happening out there....give him time...

Who can believe the year is drawing to a close? I can't believe how it has flown, but then again, to see how much Charlie has grown makes it all the more obvious.Although he is still very small and cute, he is no longer a baby. I realise now how easy babyhood was! Toddlerhood is proving to be quite a challenge. Apart from sleeping, there's not a lot of "stillness".Luckily for me I have willing helpers, so I do sometimes get a little break.I quite like to have a little nanna nap some afternoons.It makes for a less stressful evening.

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