Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm not in the habit of using my blog to complain, but this morning I just can't help it! It's only 8.16 am and this is what I have done so far:
  1. Got up at 6.00 am despite Charlie waking me about 7 times in the night;
  2. Discovered I'd forgotten to make bread last night had to think of something for 5 lunchboxes.Hmmm....Bacon and cheese wholemeal muffins for lunch and chocolate muffins for morning tea.A bit carb heavy, but it'll have to do;
  3. Made Charlie's breakfast, which he promptly spread all over the table, highchair and floor;
  4. Cleaned up Charlie's breakfast;
  5. Argued with the eldest son about his life choices (really too early in the day for that!);
  6. Packed Callum (18 years old!) lunch;
  7. Packed Mike's lunch (49 years old!);
  8. Ironed Mike's workshirt;
  9. Sent the 4 oldest off with a sigh...Peace at last;
  10. Dressed a wriggling, squirming 19 month old;
  11. Put the nappies in the dryer;
  12. Brought the laundry up from the dryer;
  13. Drove Freya to the bus stop.
I feel like I've done a day's work, but have hardly begun. There's so much laundry banking up, I MUST,MUST,MUST endeavour to fold and put it away.

You know, I mostly love my job.People marvel at the fact that I have five children, but honestly I don't feel it is a big deal, and I truly love it.I feel priveliged and fulfilled being a mum. But the housework...I could give that a big miss!

Any advice on how to lessen the load in terms of housework, I'll take it!

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