Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy Times

 Well, it has been ages since I was here last. It's been a fairly busy time, and I suppose I've not been feeling particularly motivated.

Winter has definitely come, and it is cold. My boy still insists on wearing shorts, and I have even cut off several pairs of his pants and hemmed them to make them into shorts! It made getting dressed a little less of a battle.

With the colder weather here, I thought I might try to get him to wear longer pants. I just couldn't get him into any of the normal jeans, cords or other pants in his drawer. He kept telling me he wanted "yellow mantzees"(pants). So I had him peruse my fabric stash, and look what he found - yellow fabric with white spots and a fabulous yellow with lion and tiger figures. He loves them

 Next up, we found some lovely Alexander Henry fabric called 2Dzoo. So I rustled up another pair of pants today. I used a different pattern - more like the "Roomies" design that Bonds make. I'm yet to perfect the design. I think I need to lengthen the crotch. However, young Charlie is more than happy.
Charlie likes to have pockets on all his pants for his treasures. There is always something - a rock, screw,marbles,batteries, anything he considers a treasure. So I put a couple of patch pockets on the pants.

The fabrics were all part of bundles bought from Fabricworm. They are made up of fat quarters, or half yards or whole yards. My bundles were half yards, so I had to do some creative putting together of fabrics, because I didn't have the length I needed. Hence the mix and match style trousers! Now that Charlie is that little bit taller, I shall have to buy yard lengths instead.

It is always such fun receiving the fabric bundles. I'm itching to add to my stash, but have resolved to make a dent in the stash I already have.

More trousers, Charlie???

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