Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Lovely Easter Day

I think I like Easter much more than Christmas. Maybe it is the time of year, perhaps it is that there is less hype, less expense,less expectation. I don't know, but it feels more cruisey and we had a really nice day.

We started with the egg hunt.Always enjoyed by all, especially when it is time to divvy up the goods!After that Freya and I went on another hunt, to find some bits and pieces to make an Easter tree.She really enjoyed decorating it, and it looked so lovely on our dining table.

We made a special lunch, a roast lamb, which was delicious, and especially so with the accompaniment of our home grown roast spuds (ooh, so yummy), and a big green salad full of our lettuce, spinach and herbs, along with tiny tomatoes from Joan's(Granny's) garden. We followed that with Heather's meringue,cream,raspberry,passion fruit curd dessert.Mmm!

With our belly's full to bursting it was a good job we felt like strolling on the beach.We took a really long stroll, the girl's were chuffed to walk all the way to the end, called Mistaken Island (which is really attached to the beach but appears to be an island). Charlie was very good,considering how long the walk was, but felt he had to have a cuddle and a nap on the way back!

Heather took the lovely pictures.Unfortunately, she isn't in any of them!

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  1. I so agree, I much prefer Easter to Christmas. The former is so much more laid back. A celebration without the material stress.

    Eeryone was ill this year so we spent Easter on our own and it was really special, just the two of us enjoying the new life and the spring.