Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cool Cat Pants and Homeschooling

They aren't the best pictures, but you get a glimpse of Charlie's little pyjama pants I made yesterday afternoon. They are "Cool Cat" pants because they have cats in the print.They are very cute on him.And nice and warm now that the temperature is dropping.
I have noticed that he often has a dummy in his mouth in photos, it makes it look like he always has one, but that isn't the case.He was pretty grumpy, he is still cutting those first teeth, and he has a cold.He woke Mike and me at 4.30 am because he wanted to suck on his dummy but his blocked nose meant he couldn't breathe! So there was much crying!Michael got up to console him, but I could still hear him and wasn't able to sleep. We were both zombies yesterday!
As for the title today, Freya has decided to take up my offer of homeschooling her.I am really pleased she wants to give it a go, but also a little scared - I want to give her the best education, and just hope I do a decent job. We have already started planning some of the projects we'll do together. One is a science project - raising seeds for the vegetable patch. I recently bought a heated propagation tray, so we'll see how the germination rates go compared to unheated. Not only interesting, but practical too, I'll have a willing helper in the garden.
We are also going to do some sewing and knitting.It will be fun.
My little one is calling, better run!

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