Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Motivation to write

I haven't had much of it(motivation) lately! I have been busy with Charlie and the family as usual, but I have also been reading other blogs, which have so many comments after their posts, and I don't get any, so I am wondering whether it is worth continuing.That sounds so silly when I read it back.I shouldn't be writing it for anyone else, it is really about keeping a record of life at home with Charlie, and the other children, though they are at school all day. But, it is so nice reading other blogs which have feedback, I think it'd be nice to get some from time to time.
Also, I haven't really had much to write about. Charlie was a bit sick last week, and that meant many hours spent cuddling him.I don't mind one little bit, that is what I am here for, but it does tend to stop me from doing anything else.

We did manage some time in the garden.Charlie loved it, exploring the bits of grass and dirt, but we had to pack it in quickly due to the very annoying midges which bite and make baby cry!

I also feel more motivated to get the sewing machine out(especially after reading the Soule Mama Blog -it is so inspirational).So I went to textile traders on the weekend and got some fabric to sew pyjama pants for Charlie.As yet I haven't had a chance. I know my time will come, so I am not fretting about it.

When the big kids are at home on the weekend I get more of a chance, because they can take Charlie if I am in the middle of something.

I have also been frequenting the op-shops, finding bits and pieces for Charlie.I have to go into town today, so might check out another oppie I haven't yet been to.It is always such fun.

Charlie is in the jolly jumper, getting a little frustrated, and there are nappies to hang up, so again, my time is up!

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  1. I really like to follow your blog, but have never commented before on any blog. The beach is beautiful where you live and Charlie is adorable.
    (tiffybaby24) VRSG