Friday, March 13, 2009

On Being Resourceful

It has taken three days, but I have finally finished listing a whole lot of unwanted stuff on Ebay. The shoe at left is one of Charlie's which never fit his chubby "block" shaped feet! I actually got them in a bundle of clothing from ebay, so now someone else can have them.
I went through my wardrobe and found many pieces of clothing that I really don't wear very often, or I wore whilst pregnant, but don't want to anymore.
I realised during this culling that I buy too many clothes, and generally don't like them that much when I get them home. Deep down I know that the reason I buy too much is due to a deep seated dissatisfaction with my body. I would have thought I might have got my head together over that one by the age of 42. But, alas, I haven't, and wonder if I ever will. I know I am destined to be short and curvy, but in my head I still want to be tall and slim! It is stupid....I probably need counselling or shock treatment.In the mean time, I am culling! And it feels really good. I want to simplify, have less, and be happy.
I could just take everything to the thrift shop, help out a charity, but right now I am feeling acutely aware of the economic downturn, and if I can make a few dollars, if it means an extra week staying at home with Charlie, then it is worthwhile.
I'd like very much to get back into craft too, it has been a while. I had hoped to knit my way through my pregnancy, make cute little cardigans and beanies for Charlie, but my carpel tunnel syndrome put paid to that idea. Fortunately, since having the baby, the carpel town has gone! Yay! Now, if we could get Charlie to sleep in his cot in the evenings, instead of on me, I could do a bit of knitting. As the weather gets cooler, I start getting itchy fingers, looking forward to knitting and purling.
I want to make a grey scarf (I think I'll be wearing a lot of grey and black this winter, with bright coloured accents), but first I'd like to knit a couple of beanies for Charlie, he doesn't have any winter hats that fit.
Well, hopefully the ebay items will sell, otherwise I'll have to think about what I can do with them - cushions,patchwork,beanie?

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