Friday, January 21, 2011


 Slowly, I'm getting back to my quilt, but when the weather is warm, I'm not motivated to sit at the sewing machine. I prefer to take long strolls on the beach or go swimming, or sit on the deck (photos to follow).
 You can see the quilt that I started almost a year ago (see it here:, is starting to take shape. I have finally finished the 20 long strips, each with 22 squares in them. Many of the fabrics are recycled clothing, or leftover fabrics, but I also bought some new fabrics here and there, mostly from Fabricworm (, my favourite place to buy fabrics. I especially love their bundles. The fabrics are excellent quality and gorgeous prints.

So progress is slow, but it will be lovely in the end...

You can see I'd prefer to sit in this lovely spot on a warm day and read a book, or magazine, but it is very hard to do.There's one small person in this family who'd rather have me doing something for him. Fortunately, he's still having lovely long day naps...bliss.

I think summer is a time to takes things slowly. I'm not hurrying too much these days, especially after losing our little one. It will take some time to be ready to rush again, and I suppose that will be imposed upon me soon enough, with school start again in 11 days!

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  1. Love your armchair! Quilt is beautiful - a real labour of love. Some things take so much love and perseverance to achieve, don't they - but these are often the things most worth doing. Thinking of you xx