Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Blog Take 2

This picture was taken the day Charlie was born: August 23rd 2008. My eldest son, Callum, isn't in the picture.
Getting to that point was quite a journey! I wish I'd started this blog when it all started, as there is a lot of detail! Our baby was a long time coming - mainly because he was a heart's desire that couldn't be realised for some time.
I had been thinking about having a 5th child for about three years, but the obstacles : 1.My husband didn't want more; 2.He'd had a vasectomy in 2000,3. I was getting "old".
After discussing it for three years, my wonderful husband went ahead with a vasectomy reversal, mainly because he could see I wasn't "getting over" my desire for another child. It does seem ludicrous doesn't it? Shouldn't I have been satisfied with 4 children? In my head I knew I should be, but the desire weighed heavily on my heart and I just couldn't let it go. It was a strange experience!
So he went ahead with the surgery, and after 7 months of trying we were lucky enough to get pregnant. I am so happy it was relatively easy. Many reversals don't work, and many women don't get pregnant without help at the age of 41.
I would have to say the last couple of years, with the pregnancy and birth of Charlie have been very joyful. Seeing my children loving their baby brother, watching his reaction to them, is just beautiful!And my husband tells me it isn't quite as hard as he expected, and he loves his little boy very much!
Having said that, I am fairly sure I won't do it again! It is in print on this page now! I am feeling my age with this baby, it is just physically harder, and I really am getting past it now!The later part of the pregnancy wasn't easy, and I am feeling the sleep deprivation, though it isn't too bad.
Babies (and children)really do bring so much joy, I know I am truly blessed.
I am hoping this year I will be able to make our vegetable garden productive, that being at home will provide my family with a stable, harmonious lifestyle, that our children will feel comfortable and settled, that I will be able to provide them with a healthy lifestyle because I will have time. Til July 2008, I had worked as a teacher (which I really did love too), but being a working mum, does seem to make for a stressful life, not just for me and my husband, but also for the kids. I hope that being at home will mean the pace won't have to be quite so frantic. I always worked when my other children were little, which has meant we are able to live in a very beautiful part of the world, but now, I am planning to stay out of the paid workforce for a while.
Baby is awake again, he only catnaps! So that's the end of my 2nd (first really) post!

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  1. "Having said that, I am fairly sure I won't do it again!"

    "fairly sure" - it's amazing what you find out when you read Angie's blog!