Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rhododendrons and Garden Paths

Freya took this picture of my Rhododendron in bloom. I'm chuffed that it is looking so fine. I had it in the garden, but then when we(I) decided to "renovate" the garden due to the invasion of the Kikuyu lawn, we put the Rhodie in a big pot. Well it hasn't looked back, it has done better than ever. It is probably because it gets regular water and food. It is just so much harder to manage water without reticulation. I think we'll put in some of that hose with the holes in it (soaker hose ?) when we get the garden up here happening again.

Right now the flower garden is just a barren, weed infested wasteland with a few trees still hanging on. I can't wait to start it over, but we still don't have a firm design, nor are we sure how much garden we will have. Much of the decision depends on whether the Department of Land will allow us to shift our boundary to keep some of the neighbouring block before we sell off the rest. If they allow it, it means we'll have a lot more room to work with, so it could alter garden plans.
That is why we have concentrated on the vegetable patch, but also because I'd like it to give us all the veges we need to feed our family. It's a big ask, but I am up for it!The new paths, made with crushed limestone, which we may or may not compact with a "wacka packa", will mean that we can keep weeds away, and spray them if necessary. The resident skink lizards love the paths. I went out one morning to find three large skinks sunning themselves on the limestone path! No wonder we don't have any ripe tomatoes - they eat them before we can get to them! It is frustrating. I just hope we can grow enough for the both of us because I have no idea how to deter lizards. Any suggestions greatly appreciated! I might even google that!

The flowers on the Rhododendron give me such pleasure, I can't wait to have a fully functioning ornamental bed up near the house.I'll put the Roses, daylilies, lavender, catmint, salvias, penstemons and other pretty plants back in. I worry for them while they wait in their pots!

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