Saturday, February 13, 2010

On Small Change, Month 2:Febuary

I know it is past February! It's been busy - school started back on the 1st of February, and then we had Lily's thirteenth birthday and a little trip to the seaside to celebrate it( another part of the seaside, not where we live.)

So, alas, I've not been blogging. I'm struggling with "routines". I mean I should have one so that I write in the blog more often. Trouble is, it is on the computer, and I cannot get a run at it with Charlie around. He is hell bent on touching all things electronic, which means downloading photos and typing on the computer are downright impossible with him around. Which brings us to the next problematic "routine" - his! We just can't seem to get a consistant nap time happening in the afternoons, and now as I type, he has just awoken...How frustrating!

I was going to talk about my 2nd small change, which is proving to be a bit of a challenge( the change, not the talking!). I wanted to have a month of solid use of cloth nappies ("diapers" in America). I have always used them, since Charlie was about 6 weeks old, but never totally.I've always had the disposables environmentally friendly brand, "Nature Babycare" from Sweden{}, however, when I consider the cost, the footprint from having to ship them to Australia, and the fact that although they break down, they are often wrapped in plastic to be disposed of (there's no way that I'd have space to compost them, although I have put some in the compost and they do breakdown beautifully.I know it isn't recommended that you compost due to bacteria that can be spread, but the ones I have thrown in the compost have only been wet ones and that compost bin is for the flower garden, not the vegetable patch.

So, I have used cloth in the past, but if anyone else in the family changes Charlie, they reach for a disposable.I'm not sure why, as the cloth nappies I have are shaped and fitted like a disposable.So I've asked everyone to put cloth on Charlie. They are all cooperating, but Charlie isn't cooperating as well! He rips his nappy off at first chance and I think that may be because he doesn't like the feeling of wetness, and finds the Velcro fastener very easy to undo...well, I'm onto it...I've ordered a few sample nappies with pop studs, I'll test drive them and continue to plug away with the cloth ones we have.

Luckily it is summer so going naked is fine!

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