Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Gardening!

Back in the garden today and very pleased with the progress. I had Charlie and Freya to help, and Freya took today's photographs.I think she's done a great job! I ended up staying out for about 2 hours, but the kids went in earlier due to those damn midges biting again.
I planted out new seedlings of lettuce,basil,rhubarb,sweet potato and beetroot. I planted them in some lovely compost, so I hope they'll be off to a good start.Following planting, I watered them in with seaweed emulsion, and mulched the entire patch with the pea hay. Although it takes only a couple of sentences to write it down, it was a good couple of hours work!
I really hope all my efforts aren't in vain.

You can see from the photograph that the tomato plants are doing really well, just not ripening yet. I noticed a few small orange tigerella tomatoes, but also noticed there were many stinkbugs hanging out with the fruit. I will google and see if they are going to adversely affect the fruit. I really don't want to share our hard earned tomatoes with the insects! I've fought off the birds and lizards, now for the insects!
However, the bees are more than welcome to pollinate everything! I love seeing them in the garden, hard at toil, making it all happen for us!

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