Monday, January 4, 2010

The Vegetable Patch

I thought I might show off what is happening in the vegetable patch. I'm really excited to be harvesting and eating some of the vegetables I've been trying to grow. I plant out many things and have visions of us eating only home grown produce, but the reality is that more often than not, my hard work doesn't always pay off, particularly when I am fighting against the weather, the wildlife and a lack of time.

However, it's not all bad. We are picking French runner beans daily and I also found some lovely red onions which we had in a tuna bake a couple of nights ago, some beetroot, basil and a couple of Tigerella tomatoes.

These runner beans have been the most successful I have ever grown. The seed were saved by my green thumbed friend, Kerry, from her last year's crop. They have grown so well, no problems at all, and are producing tonnes of lovely yellow-green pods every day.They are tender and succulent. So glad I planted them.

I have netted off one of the patches of tomatoes.This will help keep the birds off, but I am sure the skinks will still get in and help themselves.Hopefully they won't be able to reach the higher fruit!

We didn't manage to get a net onto the plum tree and all the green plums are gone. Honestly, I don't mind too much, the tree is very pretty in spring, and until we start making netting a priority, we can't expect to have our own fruit. We have talked about building a large frame and netting off the (mini) orchard, but, like the watering problem, we've never found the time,energy or money to get it day...

Already, I'm making good on my new year's challenge. Callum collected four bales of pea hay yesterday, so I'll be mulching the garden soon. I would have loved to do it today, but I want to use the soil wetting agent and some manure before putting down the hay. Cal was going to collect some things from the nursery for me but they suggested I come in on Thursday when the new stock arrives. Goody, I can't wait!

I spoke to my mum today, and she is bringing us some fertilized eggs to put under our broody chicken. It'll be good to have some more layers.Three isn't enough to keep this family going!

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