Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Don't Write So Much Anymore....

 As you can see from the photo, my two year old manages more time at the "pooter" than I do these days.
Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, and I hardly seem to catch my breath. I am struggling to do very much for myself, but I realize I need to get back to my knitting, sewing and the garden, (though it has had some attention lately, and I shall endeavour to post some pictures later.)
 In the last couple of months, much has been happening. We got back from our holiday to a new term, and then the organizing of Michael's 50th birthday party. We had a "sleep-over" party for 16 close friends, then the following weekend went out to lunch with Michael's family and my parents. There were about 16 of us there. It was a very pleasant lunch and I feel we celebrated his birthday well, just as he deserves.
 As well as the extra things going on, life powers along for a family of seven and there's rarely a dull moment (I wouldn't mind a bit of dull to be honest!). Charlie entertains us daily with his antics. Having young children, though exhausting, is just so entertaining and joyful. He is a little ray of sunshine.

We are trying to toilet train him, and starting to wean him off breastfeeding through the night. Perhaps that is adding to my level of exhaustion!

 I'm also busy cooking and baking for the family everyday. This gorgeous creation was an Angel food cake, which was very much like meringue, which was used in a trifle - just add jelly, custard (made with the egg yolks left over from the cake, and baked in the oven - so easy) fruit and cream.

And on top of all that, our big boy, Guthrie has been very busy studying and sitting his final exams. He will graduate next week. I can hardly believe it, but glad the stress of exams (mainly my stress) is over.
So maybe things can slow down now? Only 4 weeks til the summer school holidays start. Then we can enjoy no alarms, no breakfast rush, slow mornings, the beach and sunshine....ahh...

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