Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lack of Flossing and Other Guilt Trips for Women Trying To Conceive

I've been hanging onto the slippery slope that is "trying to conceive" for some time now. About 4 or 5 years. And in that time I have read almost everything that is available on the subject. I have also managed to get pregnant three times, and have one perfect baby - Charlie.

In that time, I've scoured the Internet, I've read countless books, I've had acupuncture, I've seen a naturopath, I've talked to psychics, had my tarot read, listened to visualisation c.d's, done fertility yoga, belly dancing,special massage - you name it - I've probably given it a go, or at least thought about it.

But one thing I haven't been particularly good at is flossing my teeth. Oh Dear - I seem to have missed that one: flossing teeth affects fertility.
So, now I can add that to my ridiculous regimen:
  • giving up sugar and gluten - check.
  • taking about seven different supplements, morning, noon and night-check.
  • ordering more supplements-check.
  • drinking green tea daily-check.
  • drinking nettle infusion-check (it tastes like compost).
  • drinking other nasty tasting herbal teas-check.
  • cutting back to one cup of real tea per day-check.
  • never drinking coffee-check.
  • rarely drinking alcohol-check.
But here I am -still wondering if I did something wrong to cause my miscarriages. Because I read in many books, that even when you are of advanced maternal age (read - geriatric) you can have a healthy baby, if you just have the perfect diet and take the right supplements, and have acupuncture.

So, I did all that, and I still find myself here - no longer pregnant - and wondering where to go next.

I suppose I had better go and floss my teeth?

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  1. Please, please don't beat yourself up Angie. I personally don't believe there's a magical formula, or that you did something "wrong". You just got unlucky. Some women will guzzle vodka and take crack cocaine, and still have healthy babies - and others will jump every hoop, and not. I'm sorry - it's so unfair.

    Be gentle with yourself - next steps will become clear in time xx