Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Grown

It's always such a pleasure to eat food that you have grown yourself.

Lately we've been enjoying some of the fruits of our labours, and I'm happy to admit that not a great deal of labour was involved.

The micro-greens I've been growing on the kitchen bench have been very successful. I'm so happy with them. I bought the seed from this little website, a great source of organic seed in Australia.

So far the seeds have grown in three medium:
  1. In glass jars as sprouts. I like to do alfalfa, mustard and mung beans in jars.
  2. In little jiffy pots. I grew red cabbage, sunflower sprouts, broccoli and brussel sprouts.
  3. Just on wet paper towel. This is an easy method, but it does dry out quickly. I grew wheat grass with this method.
It's been nice to snip the sprouts onto salads, breakfast, anything really. For a snack the other day, I had some little sprouts mixed into goat's curd cheese. Delightful!

My other little exciting home grown produce is the portobello mushrooms. So far, I haven't had a huge crop, but for taste, nothing is like a freshly picked mushroom. Beautiful. I had them for breakfast with some refried potato wedges I'd baked last night, along with some spinach. Sprinkle on some gomasio and sprouts...delicious.

We've also had a great harvest of grapefruit. They aren't very sweet, but I still love them. I added some to our totally home grown salad tonight. A little vinaigrette - yum!

Are you eating anything home-grown right now?

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  1. I'm still waiting for my beans and peas to grow. I'm new to this and got started a little late in the season! I can't wait for the peas to grow so the children can pick and eat them before they even get to the kitchen!
    I have some celtuce that is nearly ready and I missed the chance to try some mustard leaf because I didn't check when it should be eaten and now it's gone on to flower! Oh well, we live and learn!
    I'm sure by next year I'll be better organised :)