Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Written 23rd August 2011

It is Charlie's third birthday today. I spent a bit of time in bed this morning, my beautiful little boy bouncing around and on me, reminiscing his birth. I remember waking up, quite sure he'd be born on that Saturday. The labour progressing gently, going into the hospital and having the anti-biotics administered for the strep-B.

The labour was smooth, and for the first time, in five births, I did it all without drugs for pain relief. In fact, between contractions I feel very relaxed and peaceful.

His birth was wonderful. I was so impatient to meet Charlie. I felt I had waited much longer than the usual 9 months. And of course when I first met him, he was, still is, perfect.

He has given me, and our family so much happiness this past three years. I can't know what our lives might have been without our darling boy, but I do know it's been wonderful.

I really feel like a very lucky woman.

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