Sunday, March 27, 2011

Declutterization Zone

I've finally gotten around to decluttering the kitchen drawers. When we built the house I really wanted deep draws to store all my plastics and bowls etc. They are great, but the depth lends itself to becoming very messy and disorganised. And, when you devolve the dish washing to your children the drawers become a shocking mess. I'm tired of digging around for minutes at a time to find a lid that matches a container.

So these are the "before" pictures:

 And here the "after" shots:

Round items:
 Square and rectangular:
Mixing and baking items:
 The bits and bobs drawer:
 Oh, what a lovely difference.
And the plastic bag full of redundant plastics: I can't wait to deliver it to the thrift shop.

There's a great sense of achievement that comes from decluttering, organising,getting rid of...It feels good.

So far I have managed to:
  • declutter my walk-in robe and closet: four bags to the thrift shop, six items on e-bay.
  • declutter Charlie's room: three bags to a friend with small baby,one to the thrift shop.
  • declutter the linen closet: three bags to the thrift shop, one large one in the bin.
  • reorganise the laundry: two bags to the thrift shop, two in the bin. feels good. Boy have we accumulated some stuff over the years. Far too much stuff . We really don't need so much.

So, what's left? I'm still not game to do the pantry. I did it about 6 months ago, but it feels like the walls are caving in again, so I might need to give it some attention.

But I'll save that for another day. I think it may be time to put my feet up and get the knitting out.

Try decluttering for yourself. You'll love it!

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