Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going Sugar Free

Sweet Poison: Why Sugar is Making Us FatSweet Poison: Why Sugar is Making Us Fat

Although I am yet to read this book, I have been reading about it and all about the evils of sugar, so I'm sugar free.

I started on Sunday, and although I've been very good I have had a few minor slip ups, mainly because I was not aware there was sugar in seaweed crackers (they tasted so sweet, I checked the label), and I've been drinking a herbal tea which has rosehips in it - which are high in fructose. So, no more rosehip tea!

It feels good to have been almost sugar free for the last five days. I haven't really had any withdrawals apart from a slight headache for a couple of days. The best side affect is I'm not as hungry as I usually am, and not having the terrible fatigue after lunch that I usually get. Even after a not-so-good night's sleep thanks to restless Charlie.

Now I am trying to come up with ideas for good snacks, especially as I'm staying away from fruit(apart from berries) for a couple of weeks (I suspect I have a fructose intolerance, but not sure). So, what's good for snacking on:

  • plain, unsweetened greek yoghurt with a sprinkling of nuts (very nice)
  • celery and carrot sticks with hummus (also homemade)
  • labna - a yoghurt cheese - homemade and marinated in herbs,olive oil and lemon rind
  • rice crackers (sans sugar) with hummus, cottage cheese, smoked salmon or cheese
  • sliced cucumber with cottage cheese or unsweetened dips
  • toast and vegemite
  • gluten free oatmeal (finally found a place to buy them online) with milk or cream
I know it sounds heavy in fat, and I suppose it is, but that's what will help curb the sugar cravings, and ultimately, the fat is actually better than the sugar. Fructose converts straight to fat, and does all sorts of other nasty things to our body, which I will read about as soon as my book arrives. I've also bought the quit plan book, but have started without it, I just couldn't wait!

I hope I'll have loads of benefits to report on over the next few weeks.

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  1. this is inspiring, I really need to join you xx