Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Creative Space

I've just been over at Inner Pickle and she sent me over to kootoyoo and I decided to join in too.

 I've started a new Jo Sharp cardigan. I really love her wool - it is soft and I like the colour shades. It's a quick and easy pattern. I'm hoping I'll actually get to wear it this winter if I get a head start. It's overcast today, and I love it because I always feel like knitting when  the sun isn't shining.
 I'm still trying to make my scrap quilt - made from old clothes, op shop finds and a few purchased fabrics. I seem to have stalled. But in my defense that is because there is no room on my desk for the sewing machine at the moment. I must tidy up the desk!
 I still want to finish the baby quilt I started. There may not be a baby right now, but I feel I should complete this quilt.I love all the fabrics and I could always use it as a lap rug if there isn't a babe to use it.
And here is the gorgeous collection of Anna Maria Horner's gorgeous flannels. I bought them to make a winter quilt (doona) cover for Charlie. He's still in his little cot/bed, but I wonder if I should start thinking of a quilt for a single bed, who knows how much bigger he'll be by winter? His junior bed is supposed to last til he's four, but I have my doubts, already he seems to have arms and legs hanging over the edge at night.

There are many other projects going on - mainly in my head- and I do have the patterns and fabrics to use. I must try a bit harder to stop buying fabrics. I do love them so much, but have got a rather large collection happening, so I must use some of them! But have you seen the bundles they sell at fabricworm? Oh my goodness they are hard to resist!

By the way, I've added these links, but need to add a disclaimer, that I don't get anything for the recommendation. I just like to endorse stuff I love.

I'd like to get more crafts done. But it is hard when there are so many great inspirational blogs to read!And walks to take with a two year old, groceries to fetch,washing to be done. You know what I mean.

How do you find time for crafting and creating?

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  1. Hi Angie
    have just discovered your blog and really enjoying reading it. You are so right about all the inspirational blogs out there - they do give us inspiration but sadly take away some of the small amount of time we have for creating things. When you've got your kids and your house, there's not a lot of time left, just the odd (usually late night) hour here and there to squeeze in something for yourself - wouldn't have it any other way, although do have to remind myself of this from time to time! Love your scrap quilt - great idea. Cheers, Louxx