Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Sugar Free Life

It's been a week and a half and I want to shout it from the mountain tops : "Sugar free is wonderful!"

I'm so pleased I took the plunge. I am amazed at how easy it has been and I'm loving the benefits.

Apart from headaches in the first couple of days, I've really not had a withdrawal, despite being quite a big sugar eater. The craving for sugar isn't there. I used to need a sugar hit after lunch, every single day, but I don't anymore. I just don't feel like it.

The benefits so far have been:
  • No more cravings for something sweet,
  • No more  mid - afternoon slump,
  • No more bloating - I love this benefit!
  • I've lost one and a half kilos in one and a half weeks - whilst still eating as much as I want,
  • Eating full fat yogurt, milk, cheese, meat and nuts and still feeling lighter,
  • Being able to 'hear' my body better - I feel satiated more easily, and I don't feel hungry as much as I used to,
  • I am drinking more water - so I guess my body realizes it is fact thirsty, not hungry.
What's not to love about that?

The best part is that I don't feel deprived. In fact I'm beginning to preach to anyone who will listen. I just want everyone else to enjoy the wonders of an addiction free life.

It is truly marvelous.

If you are interested in reading more check out Sarah Wilson's blog. She is the reason I got started.
It's here.

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  1. I am also a "Born Again" Sugar Free Person and I can totally relate to everything you say. Welcome to the light!