Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fructose Free Dinner Party

We had a lovely dinner on Saturday night with our lovely friends Carolyn and Mark. I don't like to get too ambitious with dinner parties because I get too stressed, so I stuck to an easy slow cooked lamb, potatoes and a big green salad (thank you lovely garden).

We followed that with a fructose free dessert. I can't say sugar free because I used dextrose, which is powdered glucose, and according to David Gillespie glucose will not make you fat and give you the health issues that fructose (which makes up half of the normal "sugar" we eat) does. Fructose will cause mineral depletion,blood triglyceride elevation,cortisol elevation, uric acid elevation, and fat accumulating around our organs, which is probably the worst kind of weight gain.

Sugar is also addictive and contributes to heart disease,stroke,fatty liver disease,cancer,infertility,impotence and depression.

Dextrose will still make you fat if you eat too much, but for an occasional sweet treat, it is the way to go.

So I made a lovely raspberry ice cream, using the dextrose ice cream recipe (from the Sweet Poison Quit Plan book) and a cup of pureed raspberries. We had that with a chocolate sauce (also from the book) and some raspberries sprinkled on top. I used frozen berries - they are much better value than buying fresh. I would have liked to put the recipe on the blog, but I'm not sure about copyright, so I'll just have to direct you to where I got it from.

My guests loved the desert and no one could tell I hadn't used normal sugar. I'm tempted to start cooking all sorts of treats with dextrose but I don't think it is a good idea. I'll remember what Gillespie's says: party food is for parties....

Here is a link to the wonderful slow cooked lamb. The potatoes taste so good when they are cooked like this.

I didn't take pictures of the food - I thought about it, then decided it was a bit weird to do that before we ate, so I left it!

I'm really feeling the benefits of being sugar fructose free for a month. Although I thought I might have lost more weight, I don't mind because this is more about health than weight. I feel better - not so tired, not bloated, and my sister tells me my skin has a healthy glow. So it has been worth it. And it is really nice to no longer be a slave to my taste buds!

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  1. Many of the foods we eat already are laden with fructose. It is harder to avoid than most think. In your blood, most sugars break down to 2 types, sucrose and fructose. To learn how to truly avoid fructose, research fructose intolerance. My daughter, and I suspect I, are fructose intolerant. I will not bore you with the details but suffice it to say we cannot eat it. This leaves a very limited diet. I would like to know where I can find this book you have referred to. I am still learning ways to accommodate this condition.