Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Japanese Crafting

Have you seen the fabulous Japanese craft books available? I had no idea they existed until I started checking out the blogging world. I think I first saw them at SouleMama.

I've since bought some and have spent many happy hours browsing the pages and dreaming of all the lovely things I'll make. I suppose dreaming is part of the creative process...I just wish I could actually make a few things! I have made a couple of items - some shorts for Freya, and the dress/top I have photographed.

 How sweet is this  embroidery book for babies?It is so gorgeous. Ahh...dreaming.

 All the instructions are in Japanese, but they are accompanied with great illustrations, so they aren't difficult to follow. I used a pattern to cut out the bodice of this dress/top. I found a wrap skirt at the thrift shop and loved the fabric, so bought it. I didn't like it as a skirt and thought I'd use the fabric for my quilt. In the end I thought it might make a nice maternity top. So I used the navy cotton lining for the bodice and the pleated skirt part as the skirt (I cut off the  waist band). The skirt even had some ties on it that I used for shoulder straps. It worked out well, but I actually haven't worn it. It can be worn without having to be maternity, but I thought it might be mistaken as a baby bump top, so haven't worn it as yet(waiting for a more flat tummy!).

I will probably spend many more hours looking over the fabulous patterns, and if that's all I do, I will still have got my money's worth!

If you'd like to buy some Japanese Pattern books you'll find a huge selection at Etsy.

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