Thursday, February 19, 2009

Terrible Teething

What a week! Charlie is teething and miserable.He sleeps badly at night, then doesn't sleep much during the day. This has meant I have been accumulating tiredness all week! Yesterday evening I reached my lowest point, laying my head on the table and crying!I actually didn't feel sad, mainly exhausted and frustrated.

Poor baby can't help feeling bad,I wish I could help him feel better.I resorted to panadol after the chamomilla homeopathy didn't seem to work, but the panadol seemed not to make any difference either.

It has been a big week for Charlie. Not only is he cutting teeth, he has also mastered sitting up, and his latest thing is slapping his hand against anything in its path. He's a few days off being 6 months old!The time has flown.

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