Thursday, February 26, 2009

Things One Hopes to Achieve, and things one DOES Achieve!

Every day I start with a list in my head of the things I'd like to achieve during the day. It feels purposeful to have goals. Sometimes I even jot them down.

Today's list was as follows:
  • Make zucchini slice
  • Make dermatologist appointment
  • Take a walk
  • Organise E bay items I sold
  • Wash and hang up nappies
  • Wash breakfast dishes
  • Tidy up my bedroom and put away laundry
  • Read the Gardening Australia magazine I bought on Monday
  • Yoga practice
  • Have a shower(!)
  • Bottle the baked capsicums I made days ago
  • Order seeds from Diggers

This is what I got done:

  • Had a lovely walk with Charlie to the post box and along the beach
  • Washed and hang out the nappies
  • Made the dermatologist appointment
  • Got half the breakfast dishes washed
  • Drank four cups of tea
  • Played with Charlie
  • Made compost
  • Cuddled Charlie
  • Breastfed Charlie
  • Changed several nappies
  • Looked around at the complete and utter chaos and decided it is too hard to start anything with a 6 month old who will not sleep unless you cuddle him!!

So there you have it. I don't know why I bother with the list, whether written or in my head. I suppose I can at least be pleased that I might have achieved one or two things. Most importantly, Charlie is getting the attention he needs, and that is surely more important than the mess and dishes.

Alas, it just means that when I do eventually getting around to making that zucchini slice for dinner, the kitchen is in such a mess, it takes all the joy out of cooking.

There's a song by Neil Young : A Man Needs A Maid. Well, it isn't just a man who needs a maid, this woman needs one too! How nice would it be to have a home help, so you could just enjoy mothering your baby without all the other "stuff" to distract you...

Despite that sinking feeling when it comes to the state of our living space, it was very lovely to walk in the fresh air with Charlie this morning.It was a warm and sunny day, perfect for strolling. And I looked at him and thought about how much I ached to have him in my life, how lucky I have been to have him here with us,and I know that he is better(much ,much,better!) than a clean house, meals cooked, phone calls made.

Tomorrow is a new day...

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