Saturday, February 28, 2009

Voluntary Simplicity

I have been reading about "voluntary simplicity", the idea being that you live more simply, with less, and experience a great deal of freedom. I really like the sound of it,it is very appealing. However, it is much like many things: in theory it sounds marvellous, but in practice, it is a different story.
I am not saying that in practice it wouldn't be good, just that practicing it might be really hard! I love the idea of living a simpler life, of throwing off the shackles of owning "stuff". But, I like a lot of stuff. I wish I didn't, but over the years I have come to enjoy shopping and "having". I love going to Ricarda's and buying cute, different, stylish stuff. I have always been partial to the earrings. Mainly because most of the other stuff is too expensive in that particular shop.I suppose I like things that are designed well, that are aesthetically pleasing and useful. Who was it said you shouldn't have anything unless it is beautiful or practical? I can't remember, but I like that idea.
So, what about the voluntary simplicity thing? My whole adult life, I have yearned to live a more "hippy" lifestyle, to be more "earth-mother", to lean towards self-sufficiency.I value that kind of life-style, so why is it that I find it so incredibly difficult to throw off the desire to own,covet,have the trappings of western,consumerist,capitalist society?
How can I gel the "theory" and the "actual" to make a life?
Well, it has to start somewhere. I suppose I am trying, I just need to nurture the desire to live simply, so that it is more desirable than the desire for "stuff". I shall meditate on this some more...

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