Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day one of the Whole 30

I mentioned earlier that I would have a salad for lunch, but decided to cook a stir fry with lamb fat and meat (a tiny amount of meat) and zucchini,onion,broccoli and snow peas. I decided to cook the lamb fat, mainly because Michael had hurt his shoulder last night and I'd recently read about how good the grass fed fat is for aching muscles and sore joints.

After lunch I had a medjool date (Oh My Goodness - what a delight), and later had 4 big cherries and some paleo slice, as well as a herbal tea, and later a beautiful arctic fire tea. I took Lola for a long walk in the bush and picked some tea-tree, which is flowering beautifully at the moment. It looks lovely in a big vase on my side-board.

Now Michael is barbecuing a couple of organic steaks and some skinless sausages for the kids. I par-boiled sweet potatoes, coloured carrots and potatoes (for the kids), and popped them on the oven to bake in some lamb fat with lemon thyme, garlic and leeks fresh from my garden. We'll have some green beans too.

Yum! Can't wait to eat!

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