Saturday, January 28, 2012


Things are going well.
I know this is working on the family when I can smell bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen, and who is cooking? My 11 year old daughter.

Since I stopped buying bread, making cookies and muffins and cakes with wheat flour, and generally getting rid of gluten, Freya has noticed a marked improvement in her skin - she has struggled with eczema her whole life - much like Charlie.

He too has had a marked improvement. I noticed he was a little scratchy in his sleep a couple of nights ago - after he'd been to Day-care. I'm just not sure what to do about that. My carer is wonderful, and provides food for all meals and snacks, which makes things easy for me. I'm guessing that if I insist on Charlie being gluten free, I'll have to pack his food. Of course it is worthwhile if it makes a difference to his health.

I'll talk to his carer next week, and start thinking about how to tackle it. I do worry that if he has different food to everyone else, he'll feel left out, and of course he loves bread, pastry and other gluten foods, so if his playmates are eating it, he'll want it too. But he going there three days a week, so it will make a difference.

I'm supposing that as a carer, she must have to deal with other allergies? Anyway, something to think about.

I start back at work this week - three days a week. A bit of a shake up for this family. Last year I worked one day a week, sometimes two, so a regular three days may affect us. Everyone will have to make adjustments - not just me. At least I'll have a four day weekend. That's when I'll be trying to get the food organised. I think to maintain a healthy diet, we really do have to work at it. And why shouldn't we if it means our health is assured? It's worth the effort.

Speaking of which, I think it might be time for my caveman to get out of bed - so I'll fire up the stove and sizzle up some bacon and eggs, perhaps some tomatoes - plenty growing in the garden, some mushrooms. Yummy!

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